I am a peculiar mix of introvert/extrovert. I love showing people that they need to be fearless and ferocious,but when thrown into the hubbub to talk small, I retreat, like a lion to her lair, to gain up my energies. A stage is separate from the crowd and so is a lens. Both art forms, the musical and the pictoral, are efforts to distill the essence of humanity and creation. Not only distill it but romance it, give it more than it gets day to day when people seem to pass all of it by, not giving it its due. Taking pictures for me is a way to tuck away in the crowd. A place where light is never lacking, just shifting, and always showing me that this world is infinitely fascinating. Photos, as well as songs, are equal parts truth and fiction. Anything can become truth, and anything can become fiction. They're both such distilled forms, all that's left is the essence. 

If you'd like me to take pictures for you or of you i would be happy to at very reasonable rates. please contact me at birdiebuschmusic@gmail.com