I'm hosting a Philly Opry on February 12th! / by Birdie Busch

The seed of an idea was long simmering, something discussed excitedly over coffee between Johnny Brenda’s booker Brandi Hartley and musician Birdie Busch. Brandi, inspired by a night of music she used to attend while living in Chicago called “Devil in the Woodpile” and Birdie by old television variety shows like that of Johnny Cash’s and Dick Cavett’s in the 70’s, made plans to have a night at Johnny Brenda’s that brought a lot of their co-conspiring to light. Thus we present the inaugural unarguable Philly Opry on Friday February 12th, the night of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday and the kick-off for all St. Valentine weekenders with their dance cards eagerly in hand.

Hosting and performing the night with her band will be Birdie Busch, and joining her as featured acts will be local songsmith Scott Pryor and the traveling honky-tonk harmony-tastic Sweetback Sisters. Tying them all together like the fine embroidery of a nudie suit will be  Esposito Bandito and Sneaky Cheese weaving stories of Wild West Philly and other special guests. As you may have guessed, dressing up in your finest country flare is crazily encouraged and will be celebrated upon your arrival to the revival.

If there is a special place in your heart for everything from the Texas Swing dancehalls of the fifties to the eccentricities of Roger Miller, to the journeys and arrivals of American songwriters to the spirit of everlasting melodies, we recommend you come on out to this one time only affair. FEEL. HEAR. DO. Real time ya’ll. Take pictures. A thing to show grandkids of the future and weirdos who appreciate it…or weirdos ur grandkids bring
home and then will think you’re the coolest ever.  Time is a soft pretzel and our hearts broken bells ringing! Philly Opry!

Some words of wise description on the music for the night:

On Scott Pryor: “Scott Pryor is perhaps the finest acoustic songwriter in Philadelphia right now. On Theater for the Weary, Pryor’s sophomore disc, he masters folk tropes that many artists spend careers cultivating.” –Philadelphia Weekly

On the Sweetback Sisters: “Zara Bode and Emily Miller layer gorgeous girl-on-girl harmonies over swell honky-tonk melodies – the kind that make Loretta Lynn fans weep – and you just know you’re in for some hot and/or mournful fiddle. Trust us: These guys are brilliant.” -NBC New York
On Birdie Busch: “According to the geriatric tastemakers over at Travel & Leisure magazine, Philadelphia has the largest number of ugly people per capita of any city in the U.S. Apparently, no one told local girl Birdie Busch, who manages to chirp as if she were singer/songwriter in residence at Xanadu University. This brand of optimism might become annoying if not couched in the wry insinuations of Busch’s strikingly evolved lyrics, which share far more in common with Eudora Welty than Richard Simmons. a bewitching combination, to be sure.” –American Songwriter

What to expect:
Ben Franklin in Spurs
Story-Tellin and joyous yellin’
Raffles of Rhinestonedness and hand embroidered Philly-centric western wear
Cowboy Lincolns
painted backdrops to rival Oklahoma the musical
whisky rivers

Get your tickets at http://www.johnnybrenda's.com