I Sure as Heck-fire Remember You: A Lesson in Groundhog Day / by Birdie Busch

So things get better in some ways. I just figured out that stealing one of those monstrous yellow Ikea shopping bags could make taking the recyclables down to the curb from my second floor place that much easier. I also started buying cat food and litter in bulk which has saved me time and money. I think I’d like to do a western movie where the bandits are named Time and Money and they ride off into the horizon together, leaving me in the dust of my sorry old town rubbing my eyes wondering what happened. 

It’s strange how I think about these things that I figure out over time. It happens here and there. I get a pair of shoes that are actually comfortable and I think about how long I went just compromising out of misinformation? Stupidity? What? It’s a strange wisdom that accrues but I’m started to relish it, as someone must have felt when he or she rounded off the points of a square to make a wheel. These realizations are my winter joys. Come spring, I’ll be laying in a park, warm and drinking wine and out of my gourd.

I watched the movie Groundhog Day on Groundhog Day and I’ve been thinking about it. I hadn’t seen it in a long while so some things now finally made sense, like when she orders a “sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist” and Bill Murray wretches in disgust. I just got that. Funny thing is a few months ago I was really jonesing for a cocktail one night after all the state stores closed and all I had was a bottle of sweet vermouth in the house, and I had that very same drink.

But anyhow, it’s a pretty intense movie underneath all the wacky light-hearted comedy (would we expect anything else from Mr. Murray?)  and I’ve been hooked in understanding its points. See, he kept waking up in the same day, even on a few that seemed like he was going to not wake up on the same day because he got the girl and they had a great night and were lying together in the same bed. He was always trying to perfect it, make it better, and learn from his mistakes on the previous days. He even started becoming a master of ice sculptures and piano. Still, same day. Then, it seems that he starts to really invest in not just the girl and his talents but the people around him, all those folks that make up Punxsutawney, PA. He starts to truly care, not to just care for conquest sake, and this is when it all started to feel right, this is when he finally wakes up with the girl and a new day. 

If you’ve seen it, remember when he looks into the news camera when he’s at the groundhog festival and says as his prediction, “It’s gonna be cold, it’s gonna be grey, and it’s going to last the rest of your life!” Such a funny classic line, and fortunately, not true.

Up to you, Birdie Busch