Outlier Inn Day #5 / by Emily Busch

For someone such as I who holds music in great regard recording sessions, especially ones that fall in an elongated blocked timeframe such as this one for my friend Jesse and his group, are extra special. It's when musicians get to be themselves in a world that seems to always challenge their purpose Suddenly, if only for a short while, they are given the time, the space, and the tools to do what they are best at, a proper chance to romance with the things they dedicate so much of their head and heart space to.  I love to partake in this, whether it's me recording music or observing my kindreds in the process and helping them make the most of that time. We only have a couple more days here, then back to the bustle of our Philadelphia days. 

I'm continuing on in my writing songs based off greek goddess archetypes, which will be a whole other post at some point. I'm continuing to wander around the country side of upstate New York's Borsch Belt. I am hyper aware of how different we Americans are living, and feel the deep division of our countrymen and can understand why. If I lived my whole life down one of these country lanes how could I ever understand the context of my Philly neighborhood in Germantown? We live these lives and in some regards all we have is the small window of news outlets to show us how each other live, or misinform us about how each other lives. 

I can say that despite the differences hard times seems ubiquitous. Rural poverty and disinvestment is just as real as the job drought in cities. Our country had so many more forms of jobs and industry that are just gone and buildings pepper every road from here to northwest Philly that are shells of the past. 

Both introspectively and societally all seems to be at turning points but still not quite in focus. I/we are working on it.