I have been a musician and artist in Philadelphia for the past 17 years. Recently I’ve become fascinated with combining both areas of work in synergistic ways.

This project was an effort for me to bring the subject of Greek goddesses into the realm of everyday life. It has taken me time to connect mythology with my own life, but I knew I wanted to take the Goddesses down from their airbrushed cloud and get to the root of their stories.

I found a book written in the 1970’s in a free bin called “Goddesses in Every Woman” a few years back, that details the female archetypes, all steeped in Jungian theory, that cracked open these myths for me in a way that felt cathartic and necessary.  Some of them I connected to immediately, others I initially regarded as strangers whose powers and stories have since found their place in my life. The songs explored the realm of folklore, and the paintings allowed me a much needed, wordless meditation, and revealed a way to manifest their presence in my own life. 

While I recently showed the paintings I am planning on recording the songs and evolving the project into both live performance and other ideas involving the images. Stay tuned! 

If you would like to purchase a limited run print please go to this link below: