the Growbot at Penn and Green St.

The broad goal of this project is to start to change the way people see public space and attempt to use it as a means to lift people's spirits, gather community, and spark more creative projects in the neighborhood for people to engage with and enjoy. 

Over time we realized that the shape of this decaying piece of concrete lent itself to looking like a robot and it could be a sort of positive mascot for the neighborhood, particularly to children. We felt that it would give people waiting for the bus at the corner a lift in spirits and give parents with children a reason to take a walk to visit the character and enjoy their immediate surroundings. We feel that it would also inspire other future art installations at various corners, particularly ones where people wait for public transportation and turn people's outlooks into considering thoroughfares like Greene St. to be corridors for art and culture. Germantown is home to many artists and we need to have that revealed in our public spaces.

The long term goal is that it will open a community dialogue to work on more public spaces that are in need of rejuvenation and this simple project will perhaps make people realize that small efforts can quickly cause a positive shift in seeing them happen.

The project addresses the idea that everything can be potentially reimagined as a creative space. When the community gets out and communes things are experienced, people discuss, share, and encourage each other, and public space only becomes more and more valued and important and relevant because it feeds our collective souls.