Marion St. 

Marion St. is a block in the Germantown neighborhood of Philly that participates in the "playblock" program which closes off the street in the summers from 10-4. Through collaboration with another neighbor we put together a weekly art day, creating programming for each session. Projects ranged from Egyptian based crafts to a "beach day" in which we brought 600 lbs. of sand to Marion St. so that the children, many of whom don't get to travel far, could feel like they were by the sea and make ocean related art. While outside the formatting of more structured institutions, the goal is to tackle issues and fill in the gaps of the underfunded school system by going directly to where the kids in our neighborhood are hanging out. The emphasis was on the value of consistency in their lives and a sense that we, their immediate neighbors, chamioned their need for creativity and vision. The hope is that we can continue to build on the initial season's results, and ensure that we radiate a feeling of care and camaraderie.